Report on Payments to Governments

39/2017 - 27 grudnia 2017

Prairie Mining Limited („Prairie” or „Company”) and its controlled entities („Group”) provides information in accordance with London Stock Exchange Listing Rule DTR 4.3A in respect of payments made by the Company to governments for the year ended 30 June 2017 and in compliance with The Reports on Payments to Governments Regulations and its amendment in 2015.

The following schedule details payments made to Polish government entities by its wholly owned Polish subsidiaries PD Co sp. z o.o. („PD Co”) and Karbonia S.A. („Karbonia”). Further, due to the operational focus of the Group during the year ended 30 June 2017, the Polish government is the only relevant party to whom payments are made.

Total Payments

30 June 2017

Reporting Category PD Co Karbonia:

Jan Karski Mine Debiensko Mine Total

A$ A$ A$

Production entitlements – – –

Income Taxes – – –

Royalties – – –

Dividends – – –

Signature/discovery/production bonuses – – –

Licence fees (including mining usufruct payments) 324,215 121,695 445,910

Property taxes to local municipalities – 342,684 342,684

Infrastructure improvements – – –

Total 324,215 464,379 788,594